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50e Squadron RAF (Engels)

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Nederlands Hervormde Begraafplaats in Ootmarsum

50e Squadron – Royal Air Force

Complete crew from one plane, crashed on Nov. 6, 1940 in Agelo near Ootmarsum.

  • Handley Page Hampden – X2907
  • Targed: oilrefinery at Magdeburg.
  • Departed on November 5 from RAF Base Lindholme.
  • Probably shot around 5.00 pm. by German anti-aircraft guns.
  • Crashed on November 6 at the Ageler es – Oppersveldweg.

All four crew members lost their lives.

A week earlier they had  survived a plane crash together. On the return flight the aircraft’s engines were suffering from the effects of icing and were intermittently getting cut. The crew crossed the English coast too far north and were over North Yorkshire when, at 04.00 a.m., one of the engines completely stopped. Height could not be maintained on one engine so the crew bailed out over the village of Salton near Malton. And the aircraft crashed between Barton le Street and Salton soon afterwards.The four airmen survived their landings. Kenyon Stafford Gowland also had previously survived a crash.

Buried on November 11, 1940 at the N.H. Begraafplaats in Ootmarsum.

Memorial at the Oppersveldweg in Agelo.

Walker Colin   Cole Douglas   Emm Kenneth   Gowland Kenyon

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