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Stevens, Arthur William (Engels)

  • Born 17-12-1921 in Forest Hill, Sydenham.
  • Deceased 13-06-1943 in Denekamp – 21 years.
  • Parents Frederick Arthur and Eva Blanche Stevens nee Mills from Forest Hill, Sydenham, Lewisham, England.
  • Married in 1942 with Irene Lilian Stevens nee Smith.

51e Squadron – Royal Air ForceSergeant (wireless operator/airgunner) Volunteer Reserve – Service nr. 1294635

He grew up at Forest Hill, his father was a worker. Arthur married in 1942 with Irene Smith.

Based on his servicenumber he started his service in May 1940.

After the crash Arthur managed to jump out of the plane but unfortunately he got strangled with his own parachute ropes. The next day he got found dead in a tree at Singraven and was buried a day later with his companions.

Buried: R.K. Begraafplaats in Rossum.

Remembered with a memorialstone at the St Bartholomew’s church at Sydenham.

Awarded with the War Medal, the 1939-1945 Star and the Europe Star. 

Text on grave: ‘He died not in vain so peace will once more reign.’

Stevens Arthur