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Moser, Kurt Erich (Engels)

  • Born 03-06-1920 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Germany.
  • Deceased 31-03-1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.
  • Parents Salomon Moser and Jenny Heidt.
  • Married in 1942 with Ruth Sara Liemann.

Kurt Erich came in November 1938 from Turin to Netherlands. He was a Palestine-pioneer from the agricultural training center Wieringermeer.

He came in September 1941 as farmers servant to the Sanderman family at ‘erve Leuvelt’ Hasselo no. 5, municipality Weerselo. Here lived previously Erich Marcuse.

Kurt Erich married on 11-08-1942 in Weerselo with Ruth Sara Liemann from Berlin. His parents could not give consent because they already were missing. By order of Justice Almelo granted dispensation of promulgation and wait. Witnesses at the wedding were father and son Sanderman. After their marriage Kurt Erich and Ruth moved to Amsterdam. Together they had two children, Rudi Max (Reuven) en Kurt Erich jr. The youngest was born in 1944 at the hiding place of Ruth.

Kurt Erich was arrested in Amsterdam and arrived on August 26 1943 in Westerbork transit camp – prison camp 67. He was deported on August 31 at the Auschwitz concentration camp. His death certificate was drawn up in 1951 in Weerselo. His eldest son Reuven visited Weerselo in January 2018.

Holocaust victim, as well as his parents. His wife, children Rudi Max and Kurt Erich jr. and his brother Hans and sister Eva survived the war. His brother Hans survived Bergen-Belsen and Eva had left for England with the last children’s transport.

Memorial for the victims of the Nazi regime in Wuppertal.

Erve Leuvelt

Erve Leuvelt

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