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Balint, Istvan (Engels)

  • Born 04-09-1918 in Szeged, Hungary.
  • Deceased 16-04-1943 in Sobibor, Poland – 24 years.
  • Parents Imre Balint and Margit Karliva Brummer.
  • Engaged with Wilhelmina Esther Zion.

Istvan came in December 1940 as farmers servant to the Bosscha family at ‘erve Vasterd’ Gammelke no. 6. In July 1941 he moved to the Keizerweg 40 in Enschede. Later he lived with his fiancee Wilhelmina Esther Zion in Eibergen. The whole family decided to go into hiding at different addresses.

He came in February 1939 from Hungary through the flight school Teuge into the Netherlands. He was a Palestine-pioneer from the Deventer Association. He stayed until February 1940 in youth hostel ‘De Kleine Haar’ in Gorssel, a branch of the Deventer Association for foreign refugees.

One of the addresses was at the Kottelenberg family in Eibergen where several Jews were hiding. Istvan was also here with Julius and Johanna Zion – a brother and sister from Wilhelmina – and the baby from Johanna. In March 1943 a raid was made on the farm. Julius and Istvan were almost escaped when Johanna was arrested with her baby. To prevent the Germans would find them all, Istvan came out of his hiding place. They were all three brought to the barracks in Neede and from there to Westerbork.

Istvan came on March 27 to Westerbork camp – punishment barrack 66. He was deported on April 13, 1943 to the concentration camp Sobibor.

Holocaust victim, his fiancee survived the war.

Jewish monument and Stolpersteine in Enschede.

National Holocaust Names Memorial in Amsterdam.

Erve Vasterd

Erve Vasterd

All Palestine pioneers in the municipality Weerselo

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