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Hallas, Vincent (Engels)

  • Born 30-06-1922 in Lockwood, Huddersfield.
  • Deceased 13-03-1941 in Noord Deurningen – 18 years.
  • Parent Beatrice Hallas from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

102e Squadron – Royal Air ForceSergeant (wireless operator, airgunner) Service nr. 553968

Vincent grew up with his grandfather Thornton Hallas in Lockwood. His mother was not married and his father is told to be a blind pianoplayer. His mother Beatrice was also blind therefore her father didn’t allow her to be in marriage. Beactrice was a basketmaker and lived at her eldery house when she passed away in 1953. Vincents grandfather was very attached with him. Shortly after he found out that Vincent deceased, he passed away too.

He started in the army at a young age with the Boy Entrants. This was a special training by the Royal Air Force for boys between the age of 15 and 17 years old.

He grew up with his two years younger cousin David Cussans, who came to   the memorial service in 2002.

Buried: Protestante Begraafplaats in Denekamp.

Memoryplaque at the Barnabas Church at Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

Awarded with the War Medal, the 1939-1945 Star and the Europe Star.

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