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57e squadron – Royal (Canadian) Air Force (engels)

Crash Laagse Paal

Complete six men crew from one plane, crashed on 29 July 1942 at the Goudkampsweg.

  • Vickers Wellington III – Z1650
  • Target was Hamburg
  • Departed on 28 July 1942 from RAF Basis Felton
  • Crashed on 29 July 1942 at the border from Netherland-Germany on the Goudkampsweg in Tubbergen.

In the night of 28 to 29 July 1942, after a fierce aerial battle, a Vicking Wellington fell exactly on the border of the Netherlands-Germany. The plot of land on which it happened lies at boundary post 73 on Goudkampsweg in Ootmarsum (municipality of Tubbergen). The machine drilled deep into the ground. All six crew members died. They were found severely maimed in and around the wreck.

They were buried in Lingen, Germany.
After the war they were transferred to the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Kleve.

  • Dean, Josiah Arthur – 31 years old
  • Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) – Service Nr. 110570 – RAF
  • Son of Edward and Margaret Dean, of Stratfort-upon-Avon, St. Helen
  • Daniels, Arthur – 20 years old
  •  Flight Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner) – Service Nr.  R/58211 – RCAF
  • Son of Isaac and Maude Maria Daniels, of Ganges, British Columbia, Canada
  • Dempsey, Philip Damon – 22 years old
  •  Flight Sergeant (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner) – Service Nr. R/71782 – RCAF
  •  Son of A. C. and Eva Dempsey, of Stratford, Ontario, Canada
  • Freysteinson, Harry Theodore Franklin – 20 years old
  • Flight Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner) – Service Nr. R/70881 – RCAF
  •  Son of John and Sarah Freysteinson, of Church bridge, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Fricker, William – 27 years old
  • Sergeant (Pilot) – Service Nr. 657403 – RAF
  • Son of Alfred and Eleanor Fricker
  •  Husband of Beatrice Ann Fricker, of Keynsham, Somerset
  • Smith, James Edgar – 20 years old
  •  Flight Sergeant (Air Observer) – Service Nr. R/74480 – RCAF
  •  Son of Harold Irwin Smith and Mary Margaret (Ade) Smith, of Shawville, Province of Quebec, Canada

  Dean Josiah Arthur  Dempsy Philip Damon  Freysteinson Harry Theodore F  Smith James Edgar   

Dean, Dempsy, Freysteinson and Smith


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