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Spitz, David (Engels)

  • Born 15-04-1918 in Hilversum.
  • Deceased 30-09-1942 in Midden Europa – 24 years.
  • Parents Elias Spitz, diamond worker, and Rachel Konijn.
  • Married in 1942 with Marcella de Vries.

He came from Voorst in May 1938 as a farmhand to the family ten Kate, Deurningen No. 17.

David was a Palestine-pioneer from the Deventer Association. In March 1939 he went to his father in Amsterdam, his mother died in 1921. He worked as a gardener at the Vondelhof in Amsterdam. In November 1939 here 70 youths were accommodated through the Foundation for Immigration and Education of Children in Palestine, the youth aliyah. These were Jewish children from Nazi Germany who had ended up as refugees here.

He married Marcella de Vries in March 1942 and lived with her in Wilp nr. H 71, municipality Voorst.

They were arrested on their flight to the south and arrived in camp Mechelen. They were deported to the concentration camp Auschwitz on September 1, 1942, where Marcella shortly after arrival was killed.

David may have belonged to the Kosel group. The train sometimes stopped at Kosel, 80 kilometers before Auschwitz-Birkenau. All boys and men between the ages of 15 and 50 were then taken out and put to work in forced labor camps. The stated date of death is a fictitious one. If the exact date of death was not clear, the last day of the month in which the deceased was heard from was chosen after the war.

Holocaust victim, as well as his wife, his father, stepmother Lena Hoofiën and his brothers Abraham and Jacob. His brothers Isaac and Frederick survived the war and went back to Israel.

Memorial at the Jewish Cemetery in Zutphen.

National Holocaust Names Memorial in Amsterdam.


All Palestine pioneers in the municipality Weerselo

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W47 Spitz David_02