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Prinz, Leonhard (Engels)

  • Born 25-12-1919 in Allenstein, Germany.
  • Deceased 31-05-1945 in Bergen-Belsen, Germany *
  • Parents Ernst Prinz en Rahel Blumenthal.

Leonhard came in January 1939 as a farmer’s apprentice to the Snuverink family in Hasselo no. 54, municipality of Weerselo. In February 1940 he left for G 82 Brummen and shortly afterwards to Deventer.

He arrived in January 1939 from Bielefeld via the flight school Teuge in the Netherlands. He was a Palestine-pioneer of the Deventer Association. After Hasselo and Brummen he lived there in the Beth Chaloets house on the Papenstraat. This house was managed by the Deventer Association for vocational training for Palestine pioneers.

Leonhard was through Westerbork deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp on November 6, 1942. He was transported to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen on March 15, 1944.

* It appears he has survived the war. According to the ‘Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database’ he was liberated from the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. His mother died in June 1942, probably in Allenstein. More is not yet known about the family. 

Memorial ‘De Korenbloem’ at the Papenstraat in Deventer.

All Palestine pioneers in the municipality Weerselo

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Prinz Leonhard