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Marcuse, Erich Israel (Engels)

  • Born 26-01-1921 in Greifenhagen, Germany.
  • Deceased 25-01-1943 in Auschwitz, Poland.
  • Parents unknown

Erich came in January 1939 from Bielefeld through the flight school Teuge into the Netherlands. He was a Palestine-pioneer from the Deventer Association. He first stayed almost three months in youth hostel ‘De Kleine Haar’ to Gorssel, a branch of the Deventer Association for foreign refugees.

He came in June 1939 as farmers pupil to the Sanderman family at ‘erve Leuvelt’ Hasselo no. 5, municipality Weerselo. Here lived later Kurt Erich Moser.

In November 1939 he left for Renkum. In 1943 he was in the Central Jewish Krankzinnigengesticht the Apeldoornsche Bos at the Zutphensestraat 106 in Apeldoorn. He was probably one of the many Jewish volunteers, who came forward here after it was forced by the Nazis in 1942 to dismiss all non-Jewish employees.

On January 22, 1943 over 1000 people were deported from here, including Erich. On Sunday, January 24th they arrived at the death camp Auschwitz II-Birkenau. No one has survived this transport.

Holocaust victim.

Memorial for the Victims of the Apeldoornsche Bos at Apeldoorn.

Marcuse Erich

Erve Leuvelt

All Palestine-pioneers in the municipality Weerselo

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