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Cohen, Aron Alfred (Engels)

  • Born 21-03-1905 in Coevorden.
  • Deceased 06-04-1945 in Hengelo.
  • Parents Jacob Cohen, merchant, and Elise Jacobs.
  • Married in 1940 with Martha van Cleeff.

Alfred lived at the Beukinkstraat 30 in Enschede, he was a butcher.  He was the eldest of a family of five children. His mother died in 1917, after which his father remarried Reine Wijnberg.

He was with his wife hiding in Hasselo. His son Jacques was born in their hiding place. Alfred was struck during a shelling on inheritance Bouwman to Hasselo by a dislodged shelf. He touched hereby seriously injured and died of his injuries in Hengelo.

Holocaust victim, like his father, stepmother Reine Wijnberg, brother Joshua, sisters Rosa and Rosetta and half-brother Simon and their families.

His wife and son survived the war. Martha married in 1947 with Nathan van Dam and left with her son to Assen. Jacques later emigrated to Australia.

Buried: Jewish cemetery in Enschede.

Jewish memorial and Stolperstein in Enschede.

National Holocaust Names Memorial in Amsterdam.

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