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406e Squadron RAF Canada (Engels)

Eenheid 406 sq 03_Allen_Kilpatrick

R.K. Begraafplaats in Weerselo

406e  Squadron – Royal Canadian Air Force

Two men crew, crashed on March 23, 1945 in Gammelke –  city of Weerselo.

  • Havilland DH, 98 Mosquito NF-Mk – MM744 HU-G
  • Night reconnaissance flight over Twente and Germany.
  • Shot at 22.15 h.
  • Crashed on the 23rd of March at Gammelke – Deurningerstraat/Postweg.

The machine was completely destroyed en the crew past away. The remains were dumped the next day by bystanders under command of the Germans in a ‘cowpool’ of Bosscha on the Gammelkerstraat. The pit was closed and made even with the ground.

Buried on March 27 at the R.K. Begraafplaats in Weerselo.

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